Who am I?
My name is Hanan Malin, happily married and a proud father of three wonderful children.
My vision: to change the world!
I am not naive, I understand I can’t change the world alone, so everyday I go to another organization and catch the audience with the quality “virus”.
Over time there will be enough excellent people and together we will make this world a better place.
How do I do it?
I use my talent of creativity and humor, which I nurtured over the years, in order to take boring subjects and transform them to engaging trainings stuffed with humor and fun.
What makes me expert?
  • Certified Quality Engineer by the American Society for Quality
  • Industrial engineering graduate of Tel Aviv University
  • 30 years of experience as trainer
  • 20 years of experience as quality manager
  • 6.5 years as lead auditor in The Standards Institution of Israel
  • 6 years as head of training in The Standards Institution of Israel
  • 1000 audits in 4 continents
  • 27 years of membership in The Israel Society for Quality
  • 10 years as deputy chair of The Israel Society for Quality
  • 20 years of membership in the American Society for Quality
  • E.F.Q.M – Journey to Excellence
  • Judge:
– 14 years in the National Quality and Excellence Prize
– 9 years in the Galilee Quality and Excellence Prize
– 2 years in Israel improvement teams competition
– 2 years in the Quality Innovation Award (international)
– 1 year in IDF competition of improvement processes and excellence
How can I help you?
Every organization has purpose for which it exists.
The purposes and goals may vary, from maximizing profits along the time, through the public health, to national security.
In my lectures I help the organization achieve its goals, earn more with less time and work.
How do I do it?
Throughout my 30 years of work I visited thousands of organizations in Israel and worldwide, through my Israeli company – Sie Ha’eichut, and through my international company – BPC (HK) which operates in 22 countries.
There are 5 major risks stopping organizations from achieving their goals. In my recreational trainings I give the managers and workers practical tools to minimize these risks.
I deliver the knowledge in a unique way – using humor, activities and personal experience stories.
Cognitive change of the audience leads to behavior change, which in turn leads to performance change.
The 5 major risks and how my lectures address them:
1 Quality issues – I lecture about quality management
2 Safety and health issues – I lecture about occupational safety and health
3 Environmental issues – I lecture about environmental management system
4 Social issues – I lecture about social responsibility
5 Stagnation – I lecture about creativity and innovation
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